• Skepticism

    New Video! Study: Herbal Supplements are a Giant Ripoff

    For more videos like this, support me at Patreon! Sort-of-transcript: Do you take ginkgo biloba supplements to improve your brain function? If so, then first of all, you should probably stop because it’s not helping, according to the largest study ever conducted on the Chinese treatment back in 2009, which found absolutely no difference between gingko biloba and a placebo.…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Free Range Organic Gluten Free Kale

    Food. What the hell, right? Who even knows what’s healthy anymore? I’m pretty much at the point where if I see something in the health-food aisle, I assume it’s stupid, over priced, and overhyped. I feel like just going ahead and letting my kids become illiterate… which is apparenlty exactly the kind of thing that happens if you ever let…

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  • Science

    Ask Surly Amy: MSM

    Surly Amy, Several months ago a friend of mine was involved in a serious car accident. She has been undergoing PT for months, and recently lamented all the medical expenses she is incurring because someone else ran a red light. A friend of her’s recommended something called MSM to help with the pain. She said it’s the long name for…

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