• QuickiesHumpback whale

    Quickies: Gendered Grant Scores, Martian Tsunami, Ring Emergencies…

    Hey, all! It’s been a busy few weeks, so here’s a few quick stories that you might have missed… Even when reviews are blinded, women get less grant money because of communication style differences. “Women’s use of topic-specific words lowers their chance of getting a high score from reviewers compared to men.” So, be more vague? Blech. Via our own…

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  • Activism

    #SuperTuesday Is Upon Us: Gird Thine Loins

    Like it or not, election season is upon us (although it feels like it has been dragging on for a thousand bleak years at this point). Today is Super Tuesday, which means there are primaries and caucuses taking place across the country. Your friends at Skepchick are here to hold your hand through this trying time… but you’ve got to bring your…

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