• Ask Surly Amy: JINX!

    Dear Surly Amy, Today, I defend my PhD Dissertation. Despite my adviser’s assurances and my own knowledge that I will do well I’m incredibly nervous. I was thinking about this last night as I was getting ready for bed. I spoke to my adviser earlier in the evening and she refused to make plans for after the presentation to avoid…

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  • Old Fathers’ Tales

    Last weekend I witnessed a couple with a newborn baby standing around a fountain. A precocious little girl of 5 or thereabouts approached the couple, she was infatuated with the baby. The fountain was hardly the Trevi Fountain (No, the photo below isn’t the Venetian in Vegas), but soon the fellow gave the little girl a nickel and instructed her…

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  • Guest Article #6 – Bruce Hood

    I’m extremely pleased and excited that Bruce Hood has agreed to write an article for Skepchick, because his book Supersense is my current number one must-read for skeptics. The reason for that is simple: it has much-needed insight into our sense of the supernatural and a position that skeptics don’t always acknowledge – that ‘woo’ thinking is innate. If you…

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