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    Quickies: The Wage-Suicide Link, Vulnerable Voting Machines, and Adaptive Fashion

    Higher Minimum Wages Linked to Reduced Suicide Rate, Ars Technica: “A number of studies . . . have indicated that financial stressors are a significant contributor [to suicides]. And a few recent studies have suggested a public policy that can reduce financial stress does seem to have an influence on suicide rates: the minimum wage. Now, researchers from Emory University…

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  • Quickies"If you're not angry, you're not paying attention"

    Quickies: White supremacy, misogyny, and gun violence in America

    Everything is shit and I am tired. A Former FBI Whistleblower Explains Why the Federal Government Is Failing on Domestic Terrorism—And How to Fix It – “It’s a matter of Justice Department policy that deprioritizes this white supremacist violence. As a matter of policy, the Justice Department defers the investigation of hate crimes to state local law enforcement agencies… but…

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    SoD Xpost: Our Cultural Obsession with College is Misguided and Dangerous

    [Content note: youth suicide, mental illness] The following article was originally posted on School of Doubt. Read it there or catch the beginning below. One chilly morning in my Junior year of high school, a boy who sat a few desks behind me in my AP Calculus class came into school early, parked his car in the student lot, set…

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    Skepchick Sundaylies: How Not to React to a Suicide, Lunar Influence, Male Circumcision, Safe Sex, and the Politics of the Emergency Room

    Sunday Funny: The Science Channel (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 110: Ring My Decibel Mindy is all about wave intensity. 5 Inappropriate Responses to Robin Williams’ Suicide Olivia gives advice on how not to respond to someone’s suicide. Mad Art Lab The Curve Who Became a Witch: The Mathematics of Maria Agnesi She wrote the first comprehensive…

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    You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

    Content notice: suicidal thoughts. “I can’t wait until you get sick so that I can take care of you,” a former partner joked once, when I brought him soup because he had a cold. Taking care of our loved ones is among the most rewarding parts of a relationship. It can be hard to remember to find new ways to…

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    Tiger Moms: Harsh Parenting, Harsh Outcomes

    Trigger Warning for Suicide, Self-Harm, and Depression Remember Amy Chua, the woman who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother but ended up singing The Siren Song of the Back-Pedaler? Over two years after the publishing of her memoir and the explosion surrounding it, her name is passing lips again thanks to Slate reporting on pertinent research regarding Asian-American parenting…

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    Ask Surly Amy: How to Deal with Hate

    I was wondering how you guys manage to deal with all the hate? I became an atheist/skeptic a little less than a year ago, and since then it’s just been wave after wave of violent pushback against feminism. It’s not even just the atheist movement anymore (i.e. Anita Sarkeesian & the gaming community) – everyday, I see some explosion over feminism/women, and every time I…

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