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  • Sciencechart showing a diff-in-diff analysis of two exponential growth trendlines with one shifted slightly to the left

    The Study Showing Over 260,000 COVID-19 Cases From the Sturgis Rally Has a Fatal Flaw

    When I first saw headlines last week that researchers found that the Sturgis motorcycle rally, which attracted 460,000 attendees to Sturgis South Dakota last month, has resulted in over 260,000 new COVID-19 cases, my first reaction was one of indignation. How dare these bikers take indiscriminate risks like attending a Smash Mouth concert in middle of a pandemic, bringing disease…

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  • FeminismPhoto of Leonardo DiCaprio with the words "Unattractive Male"

    Hot or Not? What Does Science Say?

    The New York Post recently published an article about some guy who says he has decided to stop dating hot women and the internet is really angry about it. I can’t tell you what his reasoning was because I refuse to waste even a couple minutes of my life reading an article about a guy who treats all women as a monolith. However,…

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    Science Proves Some People Are Immune to Deepak Chopra’s Bullshit

    I came across a study this week from the University of Waterloo with a title that is clearly in the running for Best Study Title Ever: “On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit,” by Pennycook, Cheyne, Barre, Koehler and Fugelsang. This creatively-named study looked at individuals’ receptiveness to vague, buzzwordy bullshit statements such as those from Deepak Chopra’s twitter…

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  • ParentingChart showing that homebirth death rates are far higher than hospital rates

    Homebirth Safety and Risk

    Originally posted at Grounded Parents Trigger Warning for talk regarding neonatal mortality. The relative risks of homebirths versus hospital births is an extremely contentious subject. Previous research, mostly done in European countries has shown an extremely small or even nonexistent risk of newborn death from homebirths relative to hospital births, however until recently there have been almost no good studies…

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