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    Skepchick Sundaylies! No Place to Pee, Being a Working Parent, and Biphobia

    Sunday Funny: We all have superpowers. (via Lunarbaboon) Mad Art Lab Mad Art Cast Quickie Listen to the Labbers discuss the #SciArt hashtag. LAWAAG, ATHEIST and Mad Art Cast Swag! Help support science, art, and atheism projects. Escéptica Gods! Shu (en español) Silvia tells us about the Egyptian god of air and light. Queereka No Place to Pee – Gender…

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  • Science

    8 More Myths About Birth Control and STIs

    There are far more than seven, as I found. #8: Douches have some legitimate uses. Douches were invented to clean up vaginas and were marketed as contraceptives. We now know that vaginas clean themselves just fine and that douching doesn't prevent pregnancy. The only remaining legitimate use for douches is for the word itself — as an insult, its namesake is…

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