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    Neurodiversity Is Not A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

    “How do you know that question isn’t hard for him? He has autism. He might not understand racism.” “People with BPD can’t help being manipulative. That’s why I’d never date one.” “Cut her some slack, she doesn’t understand what she’s doing wrong.” Some people might think that these statements are someone compassionate or good for people who are neurodiverse. Benny…

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    drug overdose chart

    Bad Chart Thursday: US Drug Overdose Deaths

    We can always count on Twitter to revive old bad charts that should have been left to obscurity, and it’s particularly painful when both the tweeter and the original source of the chart are science popularizers. The chart comes from a Popular Science post by Katie Peeks, “Which Drugs Actually Kill Americans,” and it’s based on CDC Wonder database statistics…

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  • Activism

    What a Mental Patient Looks Like

    As the Earth reached its equinox point in its orbit, as the weather begins to get a little bit chillier, our thoughts turn to Halloween. Ah yes, a holiday of candy, mischief, and costumes. What’s not to love? Well, probably the endless parade of sexist, racist, and downright appalling costumes that leer at buyers from seasonal store shelves. This morning,…

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  • Skepticism

    AI: Admitting mental illness

    Something I’ve been happy to see around the internet is the number of people coming out and talking about their mental illnesses. It almost seems sometimes like the stigma is over… but it’s not. And sometimes I feel like there’s an even weirder image of mental illness portrayed that at some point, everyone gets depression, they blog about it and…

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