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    The Benefits of Being Vulcan

    During COVID times my youngest child TD and I have made a pact to watch all of the Star Trek films. All 13 movies from the very first full-length feature with Shatner’s Kirk to the most recent revival of the Kirk and Spock universe. I love every single one of those movies, even the less well-reviewed ones. Captain Kirk’s birthplace…

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  • Religionpeople at a table at chifi

    Cross-Post: Star Trek and Humanism – The Novels Part One

    Editor’s Note: This cross-post originally appeared at Grounded Parents and is¬†written by Lou Doench. ***** At last month’s panel on The Humanism of Star Trek at the Chi-Fi convention, moderated with an iron fist by the bad ass Jennifer Cross, I brought up during the all too brief question and answer period that I had had a lot of my…

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