• FeminismDistiller Marianne Barnes

    This 28-Year-Old Vegan Master Distiller Is Pretty Much Our Favorite Woman Ever

    Marianne Barnes encompasses everything we love here at Skepchick: science, nerdery, women kicking ass, and booze. As the first female master Kentucky bourbon distiller at 28 years old, she’s an inspiration for whiskey geeks and women in STEM alike. Barnes is now at the helm of the upcoming Castle & Key Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, at the historical site of…

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  • Let’s Be Frank (Sumption)

    When the radio “talks” to you it’s possibly schizophrenia. When you’re off your anti-psychotic medication, this is the amazing Frank’s Box. Frank’s Box (also known as the Ghost Box) is a radio frequency device that is claimed to receive messages from deceased people, aliens, spirits, or the mythological entity (or non-entity) of your choice. Inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP),…

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