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    CVS, Tobacco, & Well-Done PR Moves

    It’s quite easy for a corporation to make a move that doesn’t affect their bottom line too badly and is along the lines of public opinion. They make the move, garner the praise, and enjoy the defense of the general public against the few who raise their voices against said move. This is what happened last week, when CVS announced…

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  • Religion

    Ask Surly Amy: Nonreligious Alcohol and Addiction Help

    Dear Surly Amy, I’m an alcoholic. I don’t believe in AA’s religousness/sprituality. I’m also not sure about total abstinence. Where do I go? ~Desparately Requiring Useful Nonreligious Kinfolk Dear DRUNK, First of all, TEN bonus points for the excellent pseudonym! Well done! Second of all, I completely hear where you are coming from. AA in my opinion is total garbage.…

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