• Activism

    Do Better Challenge: Ian Cromwell and Boys 4 Real

    Hey friends! Last week I kicked off my official Do Better Challenge where I asked you all to rise above the negativity we are often bombarded with, and do something good for your community. I started of the challenge with some very simple instructions, just say something nice to someone. A lot of you rose to that challenge and some…

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  • Anti-Science

    Guest Post: Ancient Aliens

    We grow our skeptics pretty hardy here in Atlanta. For example, I’ve been watching Bob Blaskiewicz on Twitter recently, talking about watching Ancient Aliens and discussing how painfully awful it is. Exposure to that much crap is dangerous work! So, as a concerned friend, I did the only logical thing: had him watch some more and write about it in…

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  • Religion

    Ask Surly Amy: Spiritual Healing

    Dear Surly Amy, Could you recommend some accessible resources on the (non)efficacy of spiritual healing? I have a friend with MS. She has met a healer who claims he ‘cured’ his own MS, and can cure 50% of the people he treats. She is in emotional turmoil at the the idea of a cure. I’m very worried. The treatment is…

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  • Skepticism

    Ask Surly Amy: Homeopathy

    Dear Surly Amy, I am a college student lucky enough to have a roommate whom I love dearly. She's a wonderful friend and a very intelligent person. The only problem is that she's very into homeopathy. She grew up with it, because her mother (who is a scientist, strangely, although I know not what sort) also believes in it. She's…

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  • Skepchick Chat: Vegetarianism, Skepticism, and Semen

    Recently, we received this note from Michael (through our contact form!): This question I think is mainly for Rebecca, because I am only aware of her being a vegetarian from the SGU. I was recently considering becoming a vegetarian, and was wondering what sites she could recommend to start living this lifestyle. From the basic research I have done, the…

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  • Skepchick TV Review: Psych

    You’re a good, rational thinker, right? Well then, quit whining about all the credulous BS infecting your television and start enjoying brainier fare. To help you out, I’ll be periodically reviewing TV shows, movies, DVDs, and whatever else I feel like. Yeah, this might get a bit random. First up: Psych! Like every other show on television right now, Psych…

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  • James Randi & Friends in the UK!

    Not every new calendar entry gets its own shout-out here on Skepchick, but those that are run by Skepchicks or their crushes certainly do. To that end, let me point out that my favorite cheeky skeptical monkey Sid Rodrigues of Skeptics in the Pub has organized a fantastic event in London this April 19: An Evening with James Randi and…

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  • Monday, March 24: Boston Skeptics in the Pub!

    Elyse seems to think that the Chicago Skepchick readers and Friendly Atheists can rock harder than the East Coast. I say we put it to the test: a mere two days after their meet-up, I’ll be hosting the very first Boston Edition of Skeptics in the Pub! The info: WHEN Monday, March 24 2008 7pm WHO Mike the Mad Biologist!…

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