• Skepchicamp Venue Help!

    Skepchicamp needs help again! This time we’re not asking for money. We’re asking for space. Back in November, we booked space at Drinking Skepchickally Chicago’s favorite pub – Galway Arms. When we viewed the space, we were told that we could have it on March 6 from noon until 10:30pm. Yesterday I received an email confirming that we have the…

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  • Skepchicamp Thanks You!

    Thank you to everyone who has donated money to Skepchicamp! By now, most of you will be thrilled if you never hear “Skepchicamp needs money” ever again. Bad news: you will. Good news: you will! Last weekend’s fundraiser was far more successful than I or my fellow organizers could have ever imagined. My goal for Saturday night was to raise…

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  • Skepchicamp FUNdraiser tonight!

    We still have 14 tickets available for tonight’s Skepchicamp Fundraiser! You love Skepchicks, right? You love camp, right? You want to help Skepchicamp be brilliant, right? Since the answer is ZOMGYESSOSOSOSOMUCH, you need to support us! The money raised at tonight’s event is crucial for the future of Skepchicamp. Chicago is an expensive city, and it’s our goal to put…

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  • Last Call! Skepchicamp FUNdraiser!

    Today the Skepchicks have their hats out. All we’re asking for is money, and all we’re promising is booze and Skepchicks and amazing fun and great skeptical topics and great skeptical women/role models and some chances to actually learn some things. So, on top of our fundraising campaign for SkepchickCon2010 in Minneapolis, we’re also raising funds to Skepchicamp 2010 in…

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  • SurlyRamics and Topless chicks!

    What’s stopping you from buying SurlyRamics right now? Is it because the jewelry doesn’t come with enough photos of topless Skepchicks? If it is, then oh man do I have a deal for you! Right now, we’re auctioning off two more SurlyRamics necklaces by our in-house jeweler, Surly Amy and these ones come with autographed pictures of that Skepchick from…

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  • Helping Skepchicamp – Better Than New Years Eve!

    Tonight you’re not doing anything. It’s New Years Eve. It’s expensive. It’s cold outside. And it’s not even worth it to drive to the hospital if you’ve been bitten by a rabid primate because you’re probably just going to get killed by a drunk driver on your way there. Stay home. Save your money; save your life; save the cheerleader;…

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