Simon Singh

  • Brittania Rules!

    Brits are making me proud at the moment. No, not because the members of our government have been fiddling their expenses (while we have a Royal Family, I can’t bring myself to care about some politician claiming for moat-cleaning. Drop, ocean). It’s because of YOU LOT. Skeptics. Actually, that’s ‘us lot’ because I’m one of ’em. These past few weeks…

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  • Pseudoscientists Sue Simon Singh

    Sexy scientiest and dear friend-of-Skepchick Simon Singh is going toe-to-toe with chiropractors who are suing him over a recent article published in The Guardian. You can find the article in question cached on Svetlana Pertsovich’s site here — I’m not sure who Svetlana is but I like her already (and thanks to Sid for giving me that link plus this…

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  • Auditory Coolness

    Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh do a great bit in some of their presentations, demonstrating how easy it is to make someone hear just what you want them to hear simply through suggestion. (I’ve seen both guys use this, so I’m not positive who developed it but I’m willing to let them mud wrestle over it [naked]. WAIT, EDIT: I’ve…

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  • An Evening With James Randi and Friends

    Saturday night’s ‘An Evening With James Randi and Friends’ is going to be like Woodstock – in years to come everyone will claim to have been there but few will actually be able to tell you what Simon Singh did with a gherkin. I should at this point declare an interest: I was one of the organising committee, and so…

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