• SGU Live Podcast This Saturday: Who’s In?

    The Perry DeAngelis Memorial SGU Broadcast Live Monkeys Beating Birds Event is fast approaching! Okay, I was hoping to post some solid info on how I’M getting from Boston to Fairfield, CT this Saturday, but that’s kind of still up in the air. What I have discovered is that you can catch an Amtrak train or a Greyhound bus or…

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  • SGU/Skepchick Crossover Fun

    If you’re a fan of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, you really should be reading this thread on our forum. Here’s a post I made tonight: ME: I’m on chat with the Skepchicks. We just finished a con call. STEVE: Where are they? Are they naked? CHAT: Elyse Anders 8:49 PM totally naked A Kovacs 8:49 PM I am!…

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  • Weekend Wrap-up

    Last night’s Skeptics in the Pub was fantastic! Patty Pieniadz spoke about her experience as a high-ranking Scientologist, giving an in-depth look at how the CoS convinces new recruits to suspend their critical thinking skills and accept even the most bizarre claims as truth. Patty’s journey from non-questioning believer to full-fledged skeptic is not only inspiring to hear, but also…

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