• Feminism

    Disappointed Feminists

    I still consider myself relatively new to feminism. At least, I’ve only in the last few years begun to realize that I am one. And I’m finding out, sadly, that it involves a whole lot of disappointment. I get disappointed by the news when there’s been yet another attack on a woman’s right over her own body. I get disappointed when…

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  • Activism

    Operation Flawless: Selfies against Big Beauty

    Originally posted at Mad Art Lab In case you’ve forgotten, a couple of months ago, Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel wrote a ridiculous article declaring selfies to be a “cry for help” and the ultimate anti-feminist act. Our own Surly Amy responded, schooling Ryan on the importance of self-portraits throughout history. Selfies give us the power to control the way…

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  • Featured


    In case your twitter was broken yesterday or you live in a cave I would like to bring your attention to an article published on the website, Jezebel. The article called, Selfies Aren’t Empowering. They’re a Cry for Help was by far one of the most shallow posts I’ve read since I last looked at the pages of TMZ. The…

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