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    Do Not Give Away Our Shot!!

    I woke up at about 2 am to use the bathroom, as women my age are prone to do. After a profoundly unsatisfying pee, I checked Twitter. I’ve got a friend on a crazy COVID-19 sleep schedule and he’s usually up at about that time. He’s got a perfume blog that you should check out. Remember blog rolls? I miss…

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  • Quickiescollared mountain lion at night

    Quickies: Coronavirus precautions, hip hop at NASA, Peep science…

    It’s Friday, and I have science on the brain this week… I highly recommend this informational look at the coronavirus outbreak and the worldwide response from The Atlantic. Meanwhile, experts tell us not to panic, but to take common sense precautions, with the bonus that many of these practices will help stave off the cold and flu as well. I…

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