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    Cross-Post: Don’t Like. Don’t Share. Don’t Comment. Don’t Pray.

    Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Deek and originally featured on Grounded Parents. A link to the whole article, where you can leave comments, is at the bottom.  ****** You may have seen it in your Facebook news feed: a picture of a mother in the NICU cradling her baby surrounded by medical equipment, a smiling child with down…

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  • Religion

    Derren Brown – Miracles for Sale

    In his latest special, Derren Brown takes a guy off the street and turns him into a faith healer who goes to Texas to start scamming. You can see the whole thing on Channel 4’s 4OD (may be UK-only) or on YouTube:

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  • The True Believer and You

    I get dozens of e-mails a day through the SGU site and Skepchick, and a surprising number of them are people asking for advice on how to deal with family members, friends, or sexy potential partners who believe in the supernatural and fall for scams. Every situation is unique, and it’s usually far more complex then just calmly explaining to…

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