• Parentingtwo kids working on computers

    How To Get Fired From Your Quarantine Home Schooling Job In 10 Easy Steps

    Like most parents I know, I started our family’s mandatory hiatus from school due to the COVID-19 outbreak with the best-laid plans. By which I mean the best plans I could come up with in two days – a pretty color-coded homeschooling schedule that I downloaded from a Facebook parenting group. I was going to do everything I could to…

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  • PoliticsUS Voters Map Accurate

    What the Hell Happened to Bad Chart Thursday?

    Bad Chart Thursday, for me, has always been about examining through satire how people and organizations mislead, through charts or through ideas I can illuminate as nonsense simply by charting the logic. But satire has become really difficult to write lately, with reality repeatedly seeming like an Onion headline. And every day, there are serious issues going on that are…

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  • Feminism

    Lady Astronomers Can’t Get a Break

    We talk a lot about the kinds of sexist issues that women have to deal with, especially in the sciences. I’ve seen over the last few years some pretty, eh, awful treatment of women in my field. Even more so, we deal with unintentional sexism, but that’s a story for another post. But look, this isn’t new. Apparently lady astronomers…

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  • Skepchick <3s Betty Bowers

    I’ve loved Betty Bowers for about as long as I’ve been on the Internet. She’s America’s Best Christian, and she’s not afraid to tell everyone else how to live. I just found out (via the SGU forum) that she does YouTube videos, and I’m so damn excited I can’t stand it. Here she is, explaining traditional marriage to everyone else.…

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