• Sciencesatellite streak in an image of the stars

    Spacelink, the Sky, and Colonialist Attitudes

    Rebecca already posted an excellent video critique of Elon Musk’s Starlink concept, but as Skepchick’s resident astronomer, I thought I’d expand upon it a bit. You all might know that I’m a radio astronomer, but I have at least a little bit of experience with visual observing as well. As an astronomy professor at a small college, I also run…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: November 10 – November 16 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 73: In Orbit Ever wonder how satellites stay in orbit? Mindy has the answer. Speak Your Mind: Atheist Church Are “atheist churches” a good idea? Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pok├ęballs What do we need to do to make pok├ęballs real? Mad Art Lab Trick or Treat…or BRAINS! This is how Gigi and family did…

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