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  • Will be Skeptical for Food

    Have you heard the following lamentation before? “John Edward makes millions out of being an <insert litigious epithet here>. Why can’t skeptics make money out of skepticism?” Or the counter-complaint… “Skeptics complain that Sylvia Browne charges for work that should be charitable, but James Randi and Michael Shermer make money out of skepticism!” I’ve heard both of these arguments, and…

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  • Excellent Wiseman Interview, and TAM London

    I haven’t posted in a few weeks because, amongst other things, I’m busy organising TAM London on behalf of JREF. The official website is now live at, although registration is not yet open (join the mailing list for notification of when it is). Confirmed speakers include Richard Dawkins, Adam Savage, Jon Ronson, and many others, including of course Randi…

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  • Inside Wiseman’s Mind!

    Sort of! Friend-of-Skepchick and co-conspirator of yours truly Prof Richard Wiseman just launched a blog, which you can check out at So far he’s posted some cool illusions and a call for mass participation featuring…PUPPIES!

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  • Auditory Coolness

    Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh do a great bit in some of their presentations, demonstrating how easy it is to make someone hear just what you want them to hear simply through suggestion. (I’ve seen both guys use this, so I’m not positive who developed it but I’m willing to let them mud wrestle over it [naked]. WAIT, EDIT: I’ve…

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  • An Evening With James Randi and Friends

    Saturday night’s ‘An Evening With James Randi and Friends’ is going to be like Woodstock – in years to come everyone will claim to have been there but few will actually be able to tell you what Simon Singh did with a gherkin. I should at this point declare an interest: I was one of the organising committee, and so…

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  • Skepchick Guest Article #1 – Richard Wiseman

    I am very happy to announce the launch of a brand new feature here on Skepchick. Every month we will host an article by a guest writer, created just for us. Our very first guest writer is everyone’s favourite Quirkologist, Richard Wiseman, who is revealing the results of his latest experiment exclusively on Skepchick! Click ‘Read More’ for the article……

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