• Feminism

    Ambition, Alcoholism, and Alias Investigations: Jessica Jones Review

    Now that Jessica Jones has been out long enough for everyone else to have finished it and for me to have made it through my second run through, it seems appropriate to give it a write up, as it takes an ambitious swing at tackling many of the diversity issues that have plagued Marvel properties since they began making movies.…

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  • Review: Bender’s Game (Futurama)

    Oh, Futurama writers. You know I love you more than most kinds of booze and various sinful activities. Yet, alas, I cannot pile on the raves for the most recent effort: Bender’s Game, and for that I am so sad I must resort to . . . to . . . well, I guess I’ll have to resort to most…

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  • Skepchick TV Review: Psych

    You’re a good, rational thinker, right? Well then, quit whining about all the credulous BS infecting your television and start enjoying brainier fare. To help you out, I’ll be periodically reviewing TV shows, movies, DVDs, and whatever else I feel like. Yeah, this might get a bit random. First up: Psych! Like every other show on television right now, Psych…

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