• Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: Medical Illustrations, Popular Kids, Freedom of Speech, and Valentine’s Day

    Teen Skepchick The Difference between Banning and DDoS Private individuals are not required to give a platform for your speech. Speak Your Mind: Sochi or Bust Tell us your thoughts on the Winter Olympics! Thanks for Proving Our Point If you want to prove sexism doesn’t exist, stop being sexist. Mad Art Lab Wellcome Library Images and Finding My Inner…

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  • Religion

    Ask Surly Amy: Spiritual Healing

    Dear Surly Amy, Could you recommend some accessible resources on the (non)efficacy of spiritual healing? I have a friend with MS. She has met a healer who claims he ‘cured’ his own MS, and can cure 50% of the people he treats. She is in emotional turmoil at the the idea of a cure. I’m very worried. The treatment is…

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