Ray Hyman

  • Activism

    Speaking Out Against Hate Directed at Women: Barry Karr

    Here is part five in my ongoing series where I ask the men who are leaders in our community to speak out against the hate that has been directed at many of the vocal women in atheism, secularism and skepticism. Today, I bring you some words of wisdom from Barry Karr, the Executive Director of CSI and Skeptical Inquirer Magazine.…

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  • Testing Spirit Writing

    Some chicks are given flowers or sexy lingerie as gifts. I received a Ghost Writer Automatic Writing Kit… I tested a spirit writer years ago, and concluded that the practitioner’s pages of ‘channeled’ scrawl were a stream-of-consciousness style of writing that’s about as paranormal as James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. I should explain here that there are two types of ‘spirit…

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