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  • QuickiesThis composite image shows three radio-telescope views of the central region of the galaxy Messier 87 (M87)

    Quickies: Getting back on a positive note

    I haven’t been around much the last few weeks. To be honest, I’ve barely pulled myself away from work to see what’s going on around me. When I do pay attention, it feel like it’s a never ending barrage of hatred, violence, and lies. So, in coming out of hibernation for a bit, I’m going to focus on some positive…

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  • Quickiesfluffy cute bird on a branch

    Quickies: Stars and Galaxies and BIRBS

    Anything big happen this week? I’m kidding… I was as delighted about the impeachment vote as anyone here. But, I’d like to start off my weekend with an all science quickies. Twin astronomer examines twin stars – Interestingly, he’s a fraternal twin, but he discovered that stars born together are chemically identical. Astronomers use MeerKAT, a radio telescope array in…

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  • Quickiesmountain chickadee

    Quickies: Stunning Astronomy paired with Cute Animal Friday

    No intro this time… just the stories! The MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa catches our galaxy’s supermassive black hole “blowing bubbles” in an image that I find stunning from a technical standpoint AND beautifully ethereal. (If you want to get really nerdy, a freely-available preprint of the scientific journal article can be found on arXiv.) Remember ‘Oumuamua, the asteroid…

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