• Interview with a Health Physicist

    In the fallout of the TSA’s increased use of new imaging technology in many U.S. airports, there’s been a lot of controversy, here and elsewhere, over the machines’ safety. ┬áThere also is a lot of interest in radiation after the tragic Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant problems after the earthquake and tsunami. To get some straight answers on the science, we…

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  • Risk, Radiation, and Airports

    With all of the news from Japan, and some additional information that’s been published, I thought it might be a nice time to revisit something I wrote last year about the “naked scanners” in use at airports. Most of what I feared in that post has come to pass. Many different accounts are available of disabled individuals humiliated, and rape…

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  • Sunday Challenge: Is My Microwave Killing Me?

    My Twitter status: rebeccawatson can’t use the microwave at the same time as the Internet. I’m practically Amish. From chat: Joshua: I’m going to take a moment to mock your techno-suffering. BWahahahahahahaha. me: my suffering only lasts 30 seconds to 5 min., so…. Joshua: It’s somewhat troublesome, though. I’m guessing that your WiFi signal is getting knocked out when you…

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