Rachel Carson

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    Skepchick Sundaylies: Computer Gamer, Silent Spring, and Doodling Dongs

    Sunday Funnies: Adventures of Not-All-Man! (via Please Listen to Me); Girl Pants (via Sociological Images and Dumbing of Age) Teen Skepchick Science Sunday: Go to the Computer! Elizabeth explains why the computer Crazy Stone is playing Go so well, and why it’s so impressive. The Physics Philes, lesson 93: Do the Wave Mechanical waves! How do they work? The Cool…

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  • Brian Dunning’s DDT Fail

    A few weeks ago, Brian Dunning of Skeptoid posted a podcast that made a variety of claims about DDT and Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring that were poorly researched and factually incorrect. For a while Dunning refused to admit his error; the podcast page as of 11/23/10 now has a box at the bottom in which he distances himself from…

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