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    Skepchick Sundaylies: Open Wireless, Nature vs Nurture, Urine Therapy, World Cup, and Pro-GMO

    Teen Skepchick Science Sunday: With Liberty and Internet Access for All Elizabeth discusses the importance of the “open wireless” movement. DBT Skills: Mindfulness Olivia continues her series on DBT skills. Assassins Can’t Be Women? Eddy discusses the sexism behind Assassin’s Creed approach to female characters. Mad Art Lab Nature, Nuture, and Social Justice Elizabeth has thoughts on the “nature vs.…

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    Skepchick Quickies 7.25

    Today in history, the infamous Face on Mars photo was taken by the Viking I. Pareidolia is a hell of a thing! Also, Mozart finished his Symphony No. 40 in G Minor (you should recognize it) and Dylan went electric. Finally, today is the birthday of Rosalind Franklin, one of my science heroes. Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – “Three…

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