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    ICYMI: August 4 – August 10 on the Skepchick Network

    ‘Sup. Monday, amirite? (I am right.) Fix those blues with a dose of Skepchick Network awesome. Teen Skepchick Science Sunday: UV Light vs Bacteria Xe’nedra shares here experiment with UV light. Suspension of Disbelief: Pacific Rim Lauren’s flatmate dragged her to Pacific Rim, and she’s glad he did. You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock Xe’nedra celebrates National Women’s…

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  • Activism

    EVENT: FtBConscience and You!

    Written by Ed Cara and originally posted at Skepchick Events. The internet, bastion of perpetually morose felines, has long been an enormous boon to the atheist community. With the number of atheist(skeptic)-centric blogs, podcasts and online discussion groups now available, it’s never been a less lonely time to be a self-identified nontheist. Sensibly enough, as the online community has grown…

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  • Audio of PZ Myers Crashing the Expelled Teleconference

    Yesterday, the PR company hired by Expelled invited me (among many other members of the press and nontraditional media) to participate in a teleconference today with Ben Stein, Mark Malkis, and the other film makers. I was pretty annoyed at the start, since they decided that instead of an open press conference with, you know, free speech, people had to…

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  • PZ Myers Gets Expelled

    This is completely hilariously awesomely fantastically awesome.

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