• Psych Season Four!

    Looking for something to watch tonight? Americans can watch the entire first episode of the fourth season of Psych, my favorite show about a guy pretending to be a psychic (there’s more than one). Seriously, I love this show more with every episode. Here’s the link to Hulu. And, since there was no Afternoon Inquisition today, feel free to use…

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  • Skepchick TV Review: Psych

    You’re a good, rational thinker, right? Well then, quit whining about all the credulous BS infecting your television and start enjoying brainier fare. To help you out, I’ll be periodically reviewing TV shows, movies, DVDs, and whatever else I feel like. Yeah, this might get a bit random. First up: Psych! Like every other show on television right now, Psych…

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