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    Quickies: Catch up on impeachment, or just a good book…

    It’s Friday! There are so many threads to the impeachment story, so I’m quite glad that NPR’s Up First podcast put together a nice, logical, timeline of the events that led up to now. Or at least til Nov 2, when it posted. As the NPR Politics Podcast always reminds us, “Things may have changed by the time you hear…

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  • How to Constructively Protest Hate Speech

    Michigan, unfortunately, has become a home to many neo-nazi types recently. So I’ve had to deal with not only noose incidents, but an actual, bona fide, student hate group. Ugh. The student hate group invited Ryan Sorba, author of a (unpublished) book called “The Born Gay Hoax”, to Michigan State University. (The talk was advertised with flyers proclaiming “Gays Spread…

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