• FeminismPhoto of Socially Distanced Mom Shame

    Socially Distanced Mom Shame

    Many of my days begin and end with my working parent friends commiserating in group chats about the ways they feel they’ve failed their children that they are also trying to homeschool while working full time. I have beat myself to a bloody pulp emotionally second-guessing the decision to keep my kids at home this trimester. Then I remind myself…

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  • SciencePhoto of Personal Tolls of the Return to In-Person Teaching

    Personal Tolls of the Return to In-Person Teaching

    I’ve been away from The Chicks for several weeks because I’ve been working on my promotion package. There are lots of people going through some seriously heavy shit right now. I’m more fortunate than most, but I’m not sure I’ll ever forget this summer. Getting ready for faculty promotion is already a high stress gambit. But, I did it in…

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  • FeminismPhoto of The Benefits of Being Vulcan

    The Benefits of Being Vulcan

    During COVID times my youngest child TD and I have made a pact to watch all of the Star Trek films. All 13 movies from the very first full-length feature with Shatner’s Kirk to the most recent revival of the Kirk and Spock universe. I love every single one of those movies, even the less well-reviewed ones. Captain Kirk’s birthplace…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Don’t Abandon Our Littlest Learners…

    Don’t Abandon Our Littlest Learners…

    We are on our 13th day of social distancing in Case de Amontillado, the official name of the Strange-Isis abode. Some day I’ll write about why we named our house after my favorite macabre tale when we bought it two years ago, but today it seems eerily appropriate. I haven’t been out of Casa de Amontillado in any meaningful way for…

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