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    Inauguration and Vaccine Quickies

    Happy Inauguration Week, US friends! I hope you took a little time to take a breath before getting right back to work. Amanda Gorman. Amanda. Gorman. I didn’t know the inauguration could be “won” but she won it. Like many others, I greatly enjoyed the fashion choices, particularly Dr. Biden’s sparkly blue coat that is from a clothing line named…

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    [Cross-Post] Dear Planned Parenthood: You ROCK for Helping Patients Donate Fetal Tissue

    Ed’s Note: This cross-post was written by Steph at Grounded Parents. If you want to leave a comment, click through the link at the bottom to the full post.  ****** It’s not a day that ends in “y” if anti-choice extremists don’t try to discredit or defund Planned Parenthood. When I worked for a Planned Parenthood affiliate, extremist terrorist groups targeted us,…

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    A Quick Guide to Boosting your Immunity!

    A couple months ago the Women Thinking Free Foundation elected a few new cohorts to the board including Ashley Hamer (aka Smashley) of Mad Art Lab fame, Katie Hovany, and myself. Since then we have managed to plan a Tdap vaccination clinic at TAM in conjunction with the JREF, so get excited and come say hello to the WTF in…

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