• Feminism

    Pro-Life Advocates Don’t Actually Care About the Life of a Fetus

    I’ve been thinking about the fight for women’s healthcare a lot lately, mainly due to the influx of messages we’ve been getting to Skepchick in the past month virtually throwing a temper tantrum about Rebecca’s video “Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You Fucking Idiots.” Although I am firmly on the pro-choice side, I always try to understand those…

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  • FeaturedB0000348 Four-cell human embryo, light microscope

    [Cross-Post] Dear Planned Parenthood: You ROCK for Helping Patients Donate Fetal Tissue

    Ed’s Note: This cross-post was written by Steph at Grounded Parents. If you want to leave a comment, click through the link at the bottom to the full post.  ****** It’s not a day that ends in “y” if anti-choice extremists don’t try to discredit or defund Planned Parenthood. When I worked for a Planned Parenthood affiliate, extremist terrorist groups targeted us,…

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  • Extreme Fundamentalists & Responsibility

    As Jen mentioned in this morning’s Quickies, yesterday Dr. George Tiller was murdered on his way to church, most likely by an extreme fundamentalist who disagreed with Tiller’s decision to provide women with therapeutic abortions. Tiller was well-known for running one of the only abortion-providing clinics in Kansas, where he and his team gave women extensive counseling before and after…

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