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    Quickies: Liz comes out swinging, and non-binary spec fic creators you should know

    Elizabeth Warren eviscerates Bloomberg on his record of non-disclosure agreements pertaining to sexual harassment and gender discrimination. And here I though Bloomberg being on stage was a bad thing! It gave Liz a chance to shine. But she didn’t stop with him! Check out SyFy’s 13 non-binary writers and comic creators changing sci-fi and fantasy. The work of Mad Art…

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    Quickies: Equal Rights, Primary Picks, Hominid DNA, and more…

    Welcome to your Friday Quickies! The US House of Representatives votes to extend the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. This comes on the heels of ratification by Virginia as reported in a previous Quickies. As with most good things these days, the Senate is not likely to follow suit until we VOTE TRUMP AND MITCH AND THEIR…

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  • FeminismPresidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Is Not My Feminist Hero

    An article has been making the rounds that shares a self-described “all-caps explosion of feelings” about the how the left has failed to support Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Amid important points about how Clinton criticism can often be sexist and Clinton’s gender makes her presidential campaign all the more challenging, there’s a troubling refrain: We all make mistakes. Give Hillary…

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