• Activismprotesters with signs and wearing masks in front of "Cup Foods"

    Quickies: Black Lives Still F***ing Matter

    I’m not doing a usual Friday Quickies roundup today because I am still raging about the most recent spate of extrajudicial killings of Black people by police or just good ol’ boys here in the USA. Instead I’m going to share some ways we can all help the cause. Do something literally this minute. Sign any one of Color of…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Quantifying Podcast Diversity + Bonus Podcast Recs

    Recently there have been a couple of articles written about diversity in podcasting. Charley Locke wrote a piece on Wired drawing attention to the fact that the top podcasts suffer from the same problem public radio does, which is an overabundance of white men targeting an audience of white men. From the article: “As the medium of podcasts is on…

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  • Podcasts You Should Listen To

    I’ve been a busy girl! I recently recorded interviews with a few great podcasts, so as soon as you’re finished listening to Maria on the Skepchick podcast, check out these: First up, here’s my interview with Dany and Fat Steve of The Big Cigarette podcast. You can also listen and subscribe on iTunes. This past weekend, I recorded an interview…

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