• Quickiesclose up of deep-sea black fish with teeth

    Quickies: Toxic hand sanitizer, side benefit of face masks, racism in NH policing, and more…

    Your Friday Quickies are late again… because virtual academic conferences are surprisingly just as tiring as in-person events. First off, check your hand sanitizer bottles. The FDA has recalled 77 products to date that contain methanol, aka wood alcohol, the toxic kind that can make you blind. And yes, it’s even dangerous when applied to your skin. H/t to Bethany…

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  • Science

    See the Venus Transit

    As Skepchick’s token astronomer*, I feel it is my duty to inform you dear readers of all the awesome cosmological things that are happening in the universe. You may have already heard that a very rare, twice in a lifetime event is happening this Tuesday/Wednesday, the transit of Venus across the Sun as viewed from Earth. I have all the…

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