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    Skepchick Sundaylies! with Gravitational Waves, a Frontier Suffragette, and Joining the Military to Pay for School

    Sunday Funny: The autism-vaccine link no one is talking about. (via SMBC) Mad Art Lab Dr Phil Plait aka The Bad Astronomer Explains Gravitational Waves The Gang on Mad Art Cast talk gravitational waves with Phil Plait. Lavinia Waterhouse: Gold Rush Physician, Frontier Suffragette Dale recounts the life of a physician, businesswoman, and suffragist who advocated for the health of…

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  • Science

    Get a Free Crash Course in Astronomy

    Our longtime friend and inspiring genius of our galaxy, that badass himself (more accurately known far and wide as the Bad Astronomer) Mr Phil Plait has a brand-spanking new video series just released in conjunction with PBS. And I can not recommend it more. It’s called, Crash Course in Astronomy. The set is lovely, the lighting is divine and Phil’s orange shirt beautifully…

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  • Events

    What Matters About Skepticism and A Free Pass to the Boulder Science Festival

    I first learned that there was a thing called skepticism when I first became interested in science. It was around the time when podcasts first popped up on the Internet. I was sitting at home and had just finished watching Brian Greene’s, The Elegant Universe and I was hungry for more learnin’. I liked what I saw, but didn’t really…

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  • Activism

    Speaking Out Against Hate Directed at Women: Phil Plait

    Welcome to the sixteenth installment in my series where I ask the men who are leaders in the secular communities to speak out against the hate we have seen primarily directed at women. Today, I bring you the words of Phil Plait. Phil Plait is an astronomer, author, and writes the Bad Astronomy blog. He is the former president of…

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  • Stargazing for Beginners

    And here I thought you only had to look up . . . check out this new series on YouTube, which helps you learn more about the skies without breaking your bank. Click through to subscribe. Oh! And look who has a cameo in the very first episode:

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  • Skepchicks in the Lounge with Phil Plait!

    I’m pleased to announce that we have finally released another episode of the Skepchick Podcast! This will be the first in a series called Skepchicks in the Lounge, in which the Skepchicks gather together for drinks and conversation with someone interesting – in this case, we discuss the International Year of Astronomy with Dr. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy and JREF!…

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  • Breaking news: TAM London announced

    Just a very quick plug for the hot-off-the-press news that The Amaz!ng Meeting is coming (or in the case of many of you, going) to London on 3rd and 4th October this year. TAM London will have a spectacular line-up (trust me) of speakers and entertainers, headed by James Randi and Phil Plait. More details within a few weeks but…

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  • Book Review: DEATH FROM THE SKIES! by Phil Plait

    Among science communicators, there’s an ongoing discussion on how best to reach people. There’s the Carl Sagan-route, full of awe and gentle wonder and turtlenecks, and there’s the Mythbusters-route, which relies upon explosions and goofy shenanigans to teach while entertaining. And now there is the Phil Plait-route, defined by educating the audience while scaring the pants off them. Death from…

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