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    A picture of the author, a young white woman with a brown undercut, wearing a red shirt that says "Femme Fest"

    The Story Behind Sarah’s Abortion

    I knew even before the two little lines appeared that I was pregnant. I’m not saying I had magic intuition or anything, just that I use a period tracker app that’s surprisingly accurate, I had sex on a day I was ovulating (it tells you that as well), & my period was late. It was the logical conclusion, but I will…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies: Numismatic Quilling, Names on Facebook, Atheist Rosh Hashanah, Life Before Disability

    Sunday Funny: Being a woman at an atheist convention. (via Medium) Teen Skepchick The Not So Beautiful Game: In Which Our Intrepid Narrator Validates his Ideological Convictions via Reality Television, Name Drops, and then Blames the Internet for Mental and Societal Ills Elizabeth isn’t even offended by this book anymore. She’s just bored. DBT Skills: Be Excellent To Yourselves Olivia…

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  • Feminism
    Ripples of sand

    When Doubt is a Poison

    Stories of sexual harassment in the science and skeptic communities are nothing new around here, despite the efforts of far too many people to dismiss them. To understand the impact of these instances on a particular survivor, I recommend that you read carefully a recent essay by my friend and mentor, Pamela Gay, about her own issues with harassment and…

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    ICYMI: June 30 – July 6 on the Skepchick Network

    I know, I know. I got this post up late. I’m sorry. I know you were lost without me. But I got back from SkepchickCON at 2:00 in the morning, and I was so very tired. But fear not! I’m here now, awake and refreshed and ready to provide you with the Skepchick sister sight nourishment you need. Teen Skepchick…

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