• Activism

    CNN #DemDebate Liveblog: Election Boogaloo

    The CNN Democratic Debate is tonight! Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton are going head to head, as we drudge into the next round of caucuses and primaries. In a couple weeks time, more than 50% of delegates will be spoken for, so this upcoming stretch is key for an underdog candidate like Sanders.  As I wrote earlier today: Yesterday[‘s primaries] hardly locked up a nomination…

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  • FeminismYoung Black man flexes biceps while wearing shirt that reads, "This is what a feminist looks like"

    How Feminists Can Do More to Fight Toxic Masculinity

    @AbsurdistWords had some powerful things to say on Twitter on Thursday about toxic masculinity and the ways we rob men of healthy tools for processing and expressing emotion. (I highly encourage everyone to read his TL for some great insights; the conversation was storified here.) While he’s right to say that men need to fight this cultural norm from within,…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    The Atheist Academic VI: Where You Should Put Your Penis

    Originally posted on School of Doubt — you can read The Atheist Academic columns on Saturday mornings, usually.  Back in college, I was a volunteer rape crisis counselor. I had months of training, and I was on call for a few days a month. Basically, if a person (almost always a woman)  was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital, I…

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  • Science

    Art made of Aedeagus

    Well, sort of. An artist down under has created an exhibit of insect penises.  (Or, to use the proper name for insect intromittent organs, aedeagi.) "Dr Freud could not have conjured a more disturbing fantasy. Yet all these male members are real. These are insect penises – magnified, modelled, photographed or rendered in glass and resin. Creepy, beautiful and seemingly…

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  • Napoleon’s boner part

    Here’s a question you’ve never asked:  What ever happened to Napoleon’s penis? Or maybe you have asked it.  I don’t know.  I just know I never asked… probably because the answer was so much more disturbing and disgusting than I could ever hope. Either way, the answer to the question, “What ever happened to Napoleon’s penis?” is: It’s in some…

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