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    Study: Maybe You Can’t Orgasm Because of Rabbits on Antidepressants

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Transcript: I’m so excited, because I have yet another opportunity to talk about a study in my favorite scientific journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Today’s study is about rabbits. Or is it???  This study, “an experimental…

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  • It’s Global Orgasm Day. Look Busy.

    Indeed, to coincide with Winter Solstice, it is once again Global Orgasm Day. Between 11am and 1pm today, you were supposed to have an orgasm to “effect positive change in the energy field of the earth.” So, if you didn’t do your part at the proper time, I suggest you get on it right now. I think it’s safe to…

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  • Orgasm Addict

    I’m not usually one for attaching electrodes to my spine, but I might be willing to make an exception if I were to be presented with this Real-Life Orgasmatron! Basically, it’s an Altoids-tin-sized box that is implanted in a woman’s body and connected to her nervous system. A remote control allows you to activate the device and create a nearly…

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