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    Quickies: Vaccine Scandals, Stock Shenanigans, and more

    It’s the last Friday of my winter “break” which I put in quotes because I’ve been working on *all the things* this month with the hopes of moving some projects along before the waves of semester classes wash over me. It is nice to have a whole week where I don’t open the news to see the President doing something…

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  • Activism

    Don’t Abandon Our Littlest Learners…

    We are on our 13th day of social distancing in Case de Amontillado, the official name of the Strange-Isis abode. Some day I’ll write about why we named our house after my favorite macabre tale¬†when we bought it two years ago, but today it seems eerily appropriate. I haven’t been out of Casa de Amontillado in any meaningful way for…

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