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    Sunday AI: The Unexpected Googles

    One of the more entertaining ways in which our modern life has changed since I was a kid (when we had no internets, and walked uphill, BOTH WAYS, in the snow to school!!) is Googleing. Don’t know something? Whip out that smart phone and look it up!  This is also, however, how people have discovered things that cannot be unseen.…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Bug Naked (the book)

    Over at the Bug Blog, I occasionally review books. Thought I would share this one as an AI about willing suspension of disbelief in fiction. Book Title:  Bug, Naked (Author: Jackson Williams) Basic plot: Mad scientist wants to alter humans to insect size to save the planet. He trolls singles bars to find the right experimental subject. They have sex and then he shrinks…

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