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    #DemDebate Liveblog: 2 Dem 2 Debate

    It’s that time again! Tonight marks the second Democratic debate in just four days, and there’s a GOP debate yet to come this week. Are there always this many debates? The schedule feels a lot more packed this year. I have a teensy bit of election burnout (yes, I am aware it’s only March) so I tricked fellow Skepchick writer Julia Burke…

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  • Random AsidesDeaths from various unrelated causes

    Bad Chart Thursday: Gun Deaths Don’t Matter Because Cancer

    In President Obama’s response to the mass shooting in Oregon last week, he asked the US media to report gun deaths side by side with terrorism deaths to demonstrate that far more Americans are killed by guns than by terrorism, yet we don’t spend a fraction of the resources used to combat terrorism in efforts to reduce gun violence. Various…

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    An Extra-Historic International Women’s Day

    Today, on International Women’s Day, Barack Obama signed the renewal of the Violence Against Women act into law. VAWA was originally written by then-Senator Joe Biden and first enacted into law in 1994. The law prevents rape offenders from using a victim’s sexual history against her and provides funding for training on rape and domestic abuse by local law enforcement…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: American Politics

    Today is the last day to register to vote here in Texas, so I’m heading off to the post office… because we’re also backwards here and don’t believe in internet. And instead of hating myself for putting this off until the last minute, I hate Texas for making me put it off. But anyway… there’s an election here in the…

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