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    hairless baby echidna in someone's hand

    Quickies: Catch up on impeachment, or just a good book…

    It’s Friday! There are so many threads to the impeachment story, so I’m quite glad that NPR’s Up First podcast put together a nice, logical, timeline of the events that led up to now. Or at least til Nov 2, when it posted. As the NPR Politics Podcast always reminds us, “Things may have changed by the time you hear…

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    Girls and Boys with Science Toys

    I’ve just come back from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. I was wowed and stunned by the amazing projects and smart young men and women from all over the world doing science and engineering of all kinds. On the way to the airport, I check in online to find that science is once again being described as “boys with…

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  • (Not) On The Radio

    On May 1 of this year, I got an email from PRX asking me to please schedule time for a call the following afternoon for news on the Talent Quest. That was the call I’d been waiting for since submitting my pilot show to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) back in early December 2007. I freaked out for about…

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  • Gullibility is the New Black

    First of all, here’s a small update from Moe at Jezebel concerning the women you’re helping flee Basra. $1700 raised so far. Way to go, all of you who donated! Okay, on to today’s rantiness. NPR has a show called Day to Day, and they occasionally feature stories from teens at Youth Radio in a special segment called What’s the…

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