• Activism

    The Highlander Rule of PoCs

    There’s been a long acknowledged rule when it comes to people of color (PoCs) being involved in things. “Things”? What kind of “things”? How about the boards of tech companies? Darold Cuba states in The Loud Fight Against Silicon Valley’s Quiet Racism that “Just three companies—Microsoft, Oracle and—have a black or Hispanic person on their boards.” Emphasis totally added, y’all. The Chemical…

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  • Prop 8 Struck Down in California

    Breaking: If you haven’t heard, a federal judge in San Francisco decided that love rules! That’s right! Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional and now gay and lesbians can once again legally marry in the state of California. :) When discussing Proposition 8 U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker said, “Each challenge is independently meritorious, as Proposition 8 both unconstitutionally…

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