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    Quickies: Homophobic Hallmark and Boomers’ Heightened Narcissism

    Shot: Things We Saw Today: Hallmark Caves to Homophobes, the Mary Sue: “The campaign was spearheaded by One Million Karens who would like to speak to the manager Moms, which started a petition demanding that Hallmark not only remove the ads but cave to their demand not to create any sort of LGBT content. Their reasoning? ‘Such content goes against…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: Who Are You?

    I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality inventory, in high school, and when I got my horoscope results, I admit that I was pretty amazed at how well it described me—and, apparently, Hitler. Then I read the results of other people in my class, and I was amazed at how well their results described me too. Years later, I…

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