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    Quickies: Exposing Pick-up Artists, White Nationalists, and Government-Fabricated Charges against Immigrants

    Dating Sim Meets Survival Horror: The Game that Exposes Pick-up Artists, by Laura Hudson at The Guardian: “Created by artist and academic Angela Washko, The Game: The Game drops you smack dab in the middle of numerous highly regimented “seduction” routines, designed to leave you off-balance and less likely to push back against your would-be seducer, as he plays on…

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  • FeminismGender rights over the years

    Bad Chart Thursday: Egalitarianism vs. Feminism

    Did you know that egalitarianism and feminism are mutually exclusive? I had no idea until I started encountering people, online and off, who insist that they are not feminists but are egalitarians. The latter term is vague, with multiple connotations depending on the context, but when used in opposition to feminism, it is usually described as a belief in equality…

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  • FeminismYoung Black man flexes biceps while wearing shirt that reads, "This is what a feminist looks like"

    How Feminists Can Do More to Fight Toxic Masculinity

    @AbsurdistWords had some powerful things to say on Twitter on Thursday about toxic masculinity and the ways we rob men of healthy tools for processing and expressing emotion. (I highly encourage everyone to read his TL for some great insights; the conversation was storified here.) While he’s right to say that men need to fight this cultural norm from within,…

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  • Activism


    On Saturday in Detroit (that is tomorrow my friends) a group will protesting the Men’s Right’s Activist convention taking place this weekend at The Double Tree Hotel in Detroit. The group will meet at the Grand Circus Park and march to the Doubletree Hotel. If you read this blog you are familiar with the violent and harassing tendencies of the…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Satire and Spreading Memes

    I have been reading about internet memes and how and why derivative and satirical works get spread on the internet in preparation for a panel I am going to be on at CONvergence/SkepchickCon next week. It is an interesting topic I had never thought that deeply about. I am not looking at the comparison of memes to actual genetics as…

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  • Quickies

    Skepchick Quickies 4.4

    Well, the other Skepchicks are on party boats in the South Pacific, drinking cheap whiskey and “busy” with “work”… so I’M TAKING OVER THE MOFO QUICKIES TODAY! Prepare yourselves, kids. These are the quickies OF YOUR LIFE.* Today is 4/4/13 and 1+3=4 so today is like 4/4/4. Which probably means something… like Sparklecorn. (Seizure warning) Probably important: Science Based Medicine was…

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    Lindy West Doesn’t Cry Anymore

    Lindy West is amazing. If you’re not reading everything she writes every day all the time, then it’s time you start. Because one day you’re going to die and that day you’ll be sitting there, on the autopsy table, and the ME is going to be like “[Your Name] died from a lack of reading the smartest and funniest woman…

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