• Feminism

    Ghostbusters Just Fulfilled a Bit of My Childhood

    Me: “Oh my god oh my god 5-year-old me would have lost her MIND if she saw this¬†Ghostbusters movie with ladies in it!” Him: “Well, 30-something-year-old you did just lose her mind.” Summer 1984. A young woman in New York is very¬†pregnant and looking to escape the heat. She’d like a good laugh while she’s at it. So she goes…

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  • Storm, A Very Minchin Movie

    Today is an exciting day for the skeptical community for today is the day that the Storm Movie is publicly released. Even more exciting is that we at the Mad Art Lab were given the opportunity to interview the three key players: Tracy King, DC Turner and Tim Minchin. Storm is a nine minute beat poem by Tim Minchin. (For…

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