• Eventschallenge March Against Monsanto with Science

    Why We’ll March Against March Against Monsanto, Part 1

    I’ll get right to it. I’ve grown weary of the antics of March Against Monsanto. Along with two of my friends, I’ve started a movement to oppose the misinformation this organization propagates. Known as MAMAM, our acronym stands for both “March Against March Against Monsanto,” and “March Against Myths About Modification.” March Against Monsanto’s Wikipedia page describes it as follows:…

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  • Science

    (Cross-Post) GMO, Séralini, and March Against Monsanto: It’s Magically Misleading!

    If you follow my posts on GP, you know that I’ve been writing a lot about GMOs and genetic engineering. I was planning to lay off the subject for a bit, maybe write about advances in prenatal diagnostics or the wonders of sleep training and okay-to-wake clocks, but I’m compelled to write another on GMOs. Why? Monsanto. More specifically, March Against Monsanto.…

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  • Anti-Science

    Babies and Bathwater: Monsanto

    In a world ridden with woo, it can be hard to discern between something that is of genuine concern and something harmless that people oppose due to a faulty understanding of the world. However, to disregard any criticisms of any given thing just because the woo-minded oppose it is to endorse a stubbornly contrary sort of dogma. One example of…

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