• FeaturedAshley Madison logo depicts white woman with finger over lips in "shhh" gesture

    So Your Partner was on Ashley Madison. DTMFA.

    I’m in a cab late at night making conversation with the typically chatty driver; I realize I’ve lost my keys and have to find a place to crash. Texting frantically, I mutter aloud that I’m pretty sure my boyfriend’s asleep, and tell the cabbie I’m going to try my girlfriend’s phone. He breaks into a grin. “How do you pull…

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  • Ask Surly Amy: Monogamy. How Does That Work?

    Dear Surly Amy, I want to get married eventually, but I do NOT understand how people are able to commit to just making out with/bonking one person for the rest of their life. I mean, I like this idea in theory, but I worry about whether I could ever do it. You’re married. Explain! Sincerely, Tubular Taint Dear Tubular Taint,…

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